Urban Utilities and bulk water supplier Seqwater are urging Canungra residents and businesses to save as much water as they can due to low water supply.  

Canungra is not connected to the SEQ Water Grid and relies on water from Canungra Creek which has stopped flowing. Seqwater has taken its Canungra Water Treatment Plant offline because low water levels in the creek impacted raw water quality, so all drinking water is being tankered in to the town.

    Together we can help manage the impact that the hot, dry conditions continue to have on the local water supply.

    Water Restrictions

    Due to the ongoing dry conditions and low water supply in Canungra, water restrictions will come into effect from Saturday, 30 November for all residential and non-residential properties connected to the town supply.

    We’re asking residents to adhere to these water restrictions as a minimum and we appreciate the efforts of people in the community who are doing more than this.

    The restrictions below have been developed in conjunction with Seqwater and are based on the draft schedule for South East Queensland.

    Download Schedule A - Urban Utilities High Level Water Restrictions

    Download summary of Canungra Water Restrictions

    Notice of Water Restrictions – 30 November

    High level water restrictions

    General outdoor cleaning

    General outdoor cleaning can occur:

    • Odd numbered properties - 4am‐8am and 4pm‐8pm, Tuesday and Saturday
    • Even or un‐numbered properties - 4am‐8am and 4pm‐8pm, Wednesday and Sunday

    Outdoor cleaning must use:

    • a bucket or
    • a hand‐held hose or
    • a high‐pressure water cleaning unit.

    General outdoor cleaning includes cleaning of:

    • vehicles
    • external surfaces of a building
    • materials and equipment
    • animal and pet pens and enclosures.

    Cleaning for health and safety is permitted at any time by any suitable means.

    Swimming pool and spa top ups

    Swimming pools and spas can be topped up only if one of the following is used:

    • a timing device to prevent the pool from overfilling or
    • a down pipe diverter, rainwater tank or other fit for purpose non-potable source is available at the premises and all suitable non-potable water has been used; or
    • a pool cover is in place when pool not in use.

    Gardens and lawns

    • Total ban on sprinklers.
    • Hand-held hoses with a twist or trigger nozzle can be used for watering established gardens and lawns:
      Odd numbered properties - 4am-8am or 4pm-8pm, Tuesday and Saturday
      Even or un-numbered properties - 4am-8am or 4pm-8pm, Wednesday and Sunday
    • Bucket or watering can may be used at any time.

    Water wastage

    Wasting water by way of leaking taps and plumbing fittings and overflowing containers or structures (including but not limited to pools, spas and rainwater tanks) and allowing water to flow onto roads, pathways and driveways during is prohibited.

    As Seqwater’s water treatment plant is currently offline, we have had to temporarily close our Canungra Tanker Filling Station until further notice from November 25.

    The nearest Urban Utilities filling station is 109 Helen Street, Beaudesert. Operators licensed by the City of Gold Coast can also access the Gold Coast filling station network, with the nearest filling station adjacent to 81 Yarrimbah Drive, Nerang. 

    We sincerely apologise for the temporary closure of this filling station.

    Updates will be provided by SMS to commercial carriers and on our tanker filling station page.


    We understand the closure of the Canungra tanker filling station has been really challenging for residents who use it, so we have set up a temporary filling station on Coburg Road, Canungra to provide some relief for impacted customers while they put other arrangements in place. Please let us know if you have any enquiries about the filling station. Details as follows:
    • The filling station is on Coburg Road, Canungra (near the off leash dog park)
    • The tanker will be in place from 3pm to 6pm today (Wed 27 November), and from 8am to 6pm everyday over the next couple of weeks.
    • Residents will be able to fill up a container up to 2000 litres. (Please note: vehicles with single-axle trailers will only be able to fill up to 500 litres due to safety. Please note the weight limit of your vehicle.)
    • Water will be $4.76 per 1000 litres and this is consistent with the price of water at all our tanker filling stations.
    • Customers will be able to pay via Eftpos via Debit or Credit Card only.
    • Containers will be filled with a hose from the tanker so residents only need to bring their container.
    • This tanker filling station is for residential customers only, not commercial operators.

    We acknowledge there may be a wait for people to fill up the tanker and we thank you all for your patience.

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