Due to the devastating effects of the recent floods in South East Queensland, we're receiving enquiries about the safety of your drinking water.

Please know that:

  • The drinking water being supplied from Seqwater continues to be treated to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.
  • There is no need to boil your drinking water or buy bottled water.
  • While Seqwater’s Mount Crosby Treatment Plants were temporarily offline it did not mean that untreated water was being let into the network.
  • If your home was impacted by the floods, Queensland Health has helpful information on their website, including the steps you need to take if the taps in your private plumbing were submerged. Find out more here


We are committed to delivering drinking water which meets the water quality health criteria described in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and complies with the regulations of the Public Health Act 2005. However, you may sometimes experience localised issues with the quality of your drinking water.

Select one of the common drinking water quality issues for some simple tests you can perform to help identify possible issues.


For more information on our drinking water quality and how it complies with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and the requirements of the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 (Qld), read our 2020/21 Drinking Water Quality Management Plan Report (PDF)