Before you head off on a holiday, we recommend following our tips on how to look after your water and sewerage pipes and help prevent unexpected water use while you’re away.

Before you leave

  1. Check that downpipes do not flow into the sewerage network and clear your overflow relief gully of debris to prevent overflows.
  2. Clear out leaf litter and debris from gutters.
  3. Flush the toilet to clear the sewerage pipes.
  4. Check all taps are turned off (including garden taps and hoses).
  5. Turn off your water using the tap on your water meter.

When you return 

  1. Turn on your water at the meter.
  2. Flush the toilet. This will clear the sewerage pipes.
  3. Run your taps for a few seconds to remove any old water from the water pipes. (Don’t waste this water - place a bucket under the tap to collect it for use in the garden). 

Don’t forget

Property owners own and are responsible for the pipes and fittings on their property up to the water meter and sewer connection point. So if a leak or blockage is detected in these pipes, it is the property owner’s responsibility to have it fixed by a licensed plumber. We are responsible for the water meter and pipes leading away from the property. If you detect a leak in these pipes, it is our responsibility to fix it and you should contact our faults and emergencies department immediately on 13 23 64 (available 24/7).  

Find out more about how to look after your pipes and how to detect leaks.