LightningWe provide a safe and reliable water supply and sewerage service to residents across our area, however, sometimes severe weather can affect this service.

There are many things you can do to be prepared for severe weather to keep you, your family, and your home safe.

During storms, high winds, flooding and other severe weather, power outages can affect water pumps and boosters, interrupting your water supply.

How you can prepare for severe weather

Severe weather checklist

Plan for an emergency
  • Have an emergency plan in place to evacuate your home or be able to last for several days without water supply.
  • Put an emergency kit together with essential items you might need.
  • Keep at least three days’ supply of fresh water in bottles and containers in case of an interruption to your water supply. That’s about 10 litres per person.
Get your home ready
Know how to access information
  • Visit our unplanned service interruptions page. To report a water or sewerage fault or emergency, call 13 23 64 (24/7).
  • Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to get real-time updates.
  • Visit the Get Ready Queensland page for comprehensive information about preparing an emergency kit, having an evacuation plan and other ways you can prepare your home and family.

How we are prepared for severe weather

  • Our staff are on-call and ready to respond.
  • Developed contingency plans to assist critical customers (such as hospitals).
  • We conduct regular water testing to ensure quality of supply.
  • Ongoing investment and maintenance programs to ensure a safe and reliable water supply and sewerage service.
  • Over the next two years, we’re investing $26.5 million in a flood resilience program to raise and protect critical assets from future flood events.

Contact us

Faults and emergencies (24/7)

13 23 64

General enquiries (7am-7pm weekdays)

13 26 57

Report a leak or burst

Important emergency contacts

Police / Fire / Ambulance



132 500


13 19 62