If you are a residential customer who is not connected to our water supply network, you may need access to a source of drinking water when your on-property supply runs low. 

To assist you to obtain water, we operate a network of tanker filling stations.

What is a tanker filling station?

A tanker filling station is an outlet used to dispense drinking water into a tanker or other portable water vessel.  We have tanker filling stations located across our service area catering for residential use.

All tanker filling stations are fitted with a registered backflow prevention device. This means that tankers using the stations are not required to be fitted with a backflow prevention device.

Residential customers can use either a credit or debit card to obtain water from a filling station.

All filling stations are fitted with both a 25mm male hose thread connection and a 75mm male camlock connection. Customers must supply their own filling hose at the filling stations. Full operating instructions are printed on the front of the stations.

View the tanker filling station instructions

$4.87 per 1,000 litres (2020-2021 charges)

$4.76 per 1,000 litres (2019-2020 charges)

$4.63 per 1,000 litres (2018-2019 charges)

Responsibility for the quality of water supplied from a tanker filling station transfers to the customer at the filling station outlet.

The customer is also responsible for:

  • operating the filling station safely and in accordance with the operating instructions
  • ensuring compliance with all relevant approvals and legislation relating to the carrying, supply and use of potable water sourced from a tanker filling station

In 2015, we replaced our four ITag (water tag) filling stations in the Scenic Rim Regional Council area with new card operated stations, as part of our Tanker Filling Station Upgrade Project.

Customers who still have an ITag can obtain a refund of any credit held on the tag and the tag deposit held by us, by completing a Water Tag Refund Claim Form. The claim form and pre-paid envelope can be obtained from Scenic Rim Regional Council Customer Service Centres or by calling us on 13 26 57 (8am - 6pm weekdays). Once we have received your tag and application, we will issue all refunds within 20 working days.