Evaporation is a major cause of water loss from pools and spas, but it can be reduced by up to 90% by simply using a pool cover*. Covering the pool lowers the water temperature, decreases evaporation and prevents debris falling on the pool surface.*

  • Increase shade over the pool to help further reduce evaporation.
  • Wind contributes to evaporation. Help to reduce water loss by landscaping around the pool with walls and hedges to create shelter from the wind.
  • Top up your swimming pool with tank water or a rainwater diverter. Rainwater diverters can be attached to a downpipe to divert rainwater into your swimming pool. They are a less expensive alternative to installing a tank.
  • Keep the water level a bit lower. When your pool experiences frequent use, swimming and splashing can result in a lot of water going over the edge of the pool. You don’t want to stop enjoying your pool, so consider keeping the water level several centimetres lower to prevent excess spillage.
  • Check the weather forecast before topping up your pool. If it is forecast to rain, let nature top it up for you!

* https://www.smartwatermark.org/SEQld