As a result of legislation introduced by the Queensland Government, the Queensland Water Commission and its Permanent Water Conservation Measures were abolished on 1 January 2013.

At present, average daily residential water consumption across South East Queensland is still well below consumption trends prior to the drought that we experienced a few years ago. Although there are currently no water restrictions in place, water is still a precious resource. Living in a climate of extremes, we need to be ready to adjust our water use when conditions change.

To protect our water supply, and reduce unnecessary increases in your bill, we encourage residents and businesses to practice water efficient behaviours.

What are households permitted to do with tap water?

Watering private gardens and lawns

You can water residential or commercial gardens and lawns at any time on any day using a handheld hose.
Watering systems (manual, automatic, spray or dripper) can be used any day of the week.
We recommend you water after 4pm and before 10am to avoid loss of water through evaporation during the hottest part of the day.

Vehicle washing

You can wash your car, boat, bike or any other vehicle at home using a high pressure cleaning device, a hose or a bucket at any time.

Window washing

You can wash your windows using a high pressure cleaning device, a hose or a bucket at any time.

Pools and spas

You can fill or top up pools and spas with tap water. We recommend topping up your pool with rainwater where possible and covering your pool to reduce evaporation.

Cleaning hard surfaces

You can use a high pressure cleaning device or hose to clean outdoor surfaces.
Making smart water choices all year round will save you money and protect our water supply.