If we haven't been able to read your meter, it's usually because of one of the following reasons:
  • a vehicle was over your meter
  • landscaping or vegetation was covering the meter
  • the meter was behind a locked gate
  • construction or other works prevented access to the meter
  • extreme weather events
How to read your water meter


Observe a fault with your meter (i.e. leaking or unable to read due to scratched face)? Log a job here. 

Fill out the form below to provide us with your water meter self-read: 

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Privacy and why we collect your information

Your privacy is important to us. Urban Utilities is collecting your personal information as a distributor-retailer under the South-East Queensland Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) Act 2009 (Qld) for the purpose of processing your meter reading and updating our billing records.

The personal information we collect may also be used to manage and make contact with you about accounts and to verify your identity in future; to contact you about network faults and emergencies and manage the water and sewerage services we provide; and to conduct customer research.

Urban Utilities may use and/or disclose your personal information to its employees, agents or contractors for these purposes and to other third parties as otherwise required or authorised by law

For more on how we protect the personal information we collect, and to find out how to make a privacy complaint, access our Privacy Policy.